Great Expectations - an upscale dating service helping singles like you improve their social lives in Houston and across the country.

Great Expectations is different from other dating services. We know you're not into blind dates, so we'll never introduce you to someone without giving you detailed background information and a recent photo.

We have a diverse Membership here in Houston which includes everyone from retired persons to professional executives. The one thing our Members have in common is that they're simply looking for a dignified, private and safe way of meeting and dating like-minded singles. So, no matter what stage you are in life, Great Expectations has a place for you. Join us today!

To help you find the right person, here is a sampling of what you'll learn about Great Expectations members once you join...

Find out why so many Houston singles are turning to Great Expectations rather than other dating services.

Quality- Great Expectations caters to mature, successful, attractive and educated men and women seeking a serious and meaningful relationship.

Security- To create a safe dating environment, we screen every applicant. We check two forms of photo ID, conduct a personal interview and get to know each candidate.

Privacy- Your name and telephone number information is completely confidential until you give us permission to release it to a Member who has selected you. Member profiles are password-protected-that means only other Members have access to your profile, not your colleagues, your Aunt Mabel or any random visitor to our Website.


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