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Kenneth and Stephanie
In their own words, it was truly amazing and totally unexpected! Both were living in the same zip code, had been watching the same movie only one hour before meeting and both were members of a local matchmaking service, Great Expectations. Even though you are able to view prospects online, Great Expectations provides opportunities to meet at social functions as well. On the day Ken and Stephanie met, there was a FREE (key for Ken) "wine and cheese" gathering at their offices. Stephanie had only joined Great Expectations 2 1/2 weeks before this event. As luck would have it, she was "on the ground" and enjoying the day off at home (staying warm). Likewise, Ken was at home and only 8 minutes away! Ken arrived at this casual event early (military training) and Stephanie arrived about 45 minutes late (airline training), which was perfect for us. The "matchmakers" at Great Expectations take their jobs very seriously. They do not want to be known as a "dating" service, they want to facilitate relationships and make them last! Without even realizing what was happening, Stephanie was personally escorted over to Ken and given a brief introduction, "Ken this is Stephanie; Stephanie, Ken. Ken just got back from Afghanistan. Have fun!" And with that, Ann turned and stepped away. That was the introduction, plain and simple. You kind of shake your head and say, "What just happened?" It didn't take long to realize that what just happened was quite natural. If you know Ken, you know he is never at a loss for words. And if you know Stephanie then you know she has never known a stranger! So, without any hesitation, the conversation began. All they remember talking about....well, they don't really remember much of the conversation. However, there was plenty of laughter. It was the start of a good thing! Soon things were being wrapped up, the wine and cheese party was over and it was time to go. As luck would have it, Ken had tickets to an event at the Reliant Stadium. He had been given the tickets and the guests he invited were unable to join him. It wasn't a sell out event, it was the Nuclear Cowboys. The WHAT?? No, Nuclear Cowboys is not some sort of punk country band. It is in fact an aerial motorcycle group. What better place to continue a conversation!? First, Stephanie had to take her car home and Ken had to pick her up. Certainly was not like Stephanie to go someplace with a man she had only met one hour before. Good news was, the valet guys at Lamar Tower witnessed Ken's arrival. They would know if she didn't return....the valet guys know just about everything! The conversation never stalled that evening. Another thing, they both never stalled in walking from the parking lot to the stadium. The temperatures were colder than usual. On top of that, the wind was blowing steadily. It was really freezing!!! Too bad they had just met. This would have been a great time for Ken to put his arm around her with the slight chance of keeping her warm. No worries, there were plenty of opportunities for that...when they got to their seats. For the first time in history, rigid metal stadium seats became very comfortable! They just seemed to "fit". The conversations between the two continued and the Nuclear Cowboys did their thing. Don't ask them what that was, they were too busy catching up on the 40 plus years of their life apart from one another. It is not hard to believe that the two of them have continued to talk. In fact, the first two or more weeks they couldn't even watch a movie on TV they were too busy talking and talking and talking! As a result, lots of wonderful things have happened since that cold winter day on January 30, 2010! The temperature has even gone up a notch, okay, a few notches. When you meet Ken and Stephanie on August 13th, you will notice that they have continued their original trademark. They both share a love to meet people, find out about them and get to know them a little more. There is no doubt, they are going to be thrilled to have you be a part of their wedding day. It will truly be a day that God will be smiling! You will see, God has done a"Mays"ing things by bringing Ken and Stephanie together. Truthfully, their "Forever Began" on January 30, 2010 and we get to see it continue....see you on the big day!

Shalise and Perry


When Shalise first saw Perry's profile
he had a goatee which she didn't
think too much of, I'll get around
to him later she thought ... but, that's
not the end of the story.

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Tom and Milvia

Though they had trouble with their restaurant selections - the first took Miliva out of her realm and she arrived an hour after the proposed date time and the second choice was to a restaurant of non-existence ( it was no longer at the location they chose) - these two have truly found the love they were looking for. Tom and Milvia found common ground in their thirst for living life to the fullest. They love music, and Milvia has taught Tom a thing or two about salsa dancing. This fun-loving, energetic couple share a passion for their faith. Coming from large families, both Tom and Milvia are excited about the prospect of beginning their own.

To learn how things turned out ... click here
and watch the video.

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